Autumn 2 Week 3

This week in Year One the children learned about the importance of Prayer. We discussed how Prayer strengthens our relationships to God and one another. The children worked in pairs to answer the questions how do we pray? What helps you to pray? What kind of things do we pray for or about? We took some time to reflect on our answers and to offer our own intentions for prayers to include ourselves and others.

In Maths we have been learning about Pentonimoes’. Year One practised making a variety of arrangements of shapes from 5 cubes. A Pentonimo is a shape made by joining five squares together side-to-side. Once they had investigated their shapes they went onto recording the number sentences that each shape represents. They remembered that when thinking of a Pentonimo they need to to Think 5 !


In English the children have been learning about Nouns and using them to write independent sentences about what they can see on the farm. They enjoyed writing about the lazy farmer and all of the animals in their text of Farmer Duck. The children were very good at developing their sentences by adding adjectives and showed great creativity in their writing.

In PE the children warmed up by working in groups to steal been bags! They then developed their movement skills by travelling in different ways. They bear crawled, walked backwards, bunny jumped and pulled themselves forward using only their feet. The children were encouraged to travel along different pathways e.g zig zags, curved, straight and circular lines. They showed great skill and control during these activities and enjoyed moving in new ways.

The children have been very busy in Geography learning the countries that make up the United Kingdom. They have been looking at their local area, starting small and gradually getting bigger – Potters Bar, England, United Kingdom, Europe. They are showing great understanding and have enjoyed listening to our Continents song. Please ask them to sing it to you at home!

Home Learning – due Friday.

Mathletics – please complete the activities set.

Handwriting sheet, letter ‘r’.

Nativity Lines – you will find your child’s lines for the Nativity in their blue reading folder. Please practice these with them and keep this copy at home.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Poyiadzis and Mrs Barnes

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