3rd – 10th July

The last two weeks have been fun filled and full of learning opportunities.

Nicholas Breakspear School

We traveled to Nicholas Breakspear school last week to experience a taster of secondary school life. It was a fantastic day, where we conducted science experiments, learnt circus skills, solved maths problems and designed our own products in business studies.

The Mayans

We have been learning a Mayan song and making Mayan masks using modrock  this week – we hope you enjoy our Mayan performance at the international evening tonight.

Cricket and Rounders

We have been developing our cricket and rounders skills in PE and have also taken part in a inter schools rounders and cricket tournament – where we won the plate (rounders) and came runners up in the final of the cricket – fantastic Year 5 and 6, well done!

The Cardinal’s visit

What a special day Wednesday was. The children read, served, sang and behaved brilliantly during the Mass. The Cardinals visit was such a joyous occasion and a fantastic way to mark the schools 50th year.


As well as following Wimbledon (who will win the tournament do you think?) we have solved maths problems using tournament statistics – which has been fun. We have also helped year 2 measure and solve maths calculations all about themselves.

1960s day 

Today we have celebrated 1960s day by creating psychedelic pictures and clothing to fit our paper (Twiggy and Ken) dolls. We have looked at 60s fashion, the world cup and enjoyed singing many 60s pop songs. The children looked wonderful in their tie dye t-shirts.

The class also enjoyed transition day, where they went into year 6 and met Miss Donatantonio.

Have a lovely weekend and don’t forget to read and finish your creative home learning for Monday.

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Y5 26th – 30th June

Harry Potter

Harry Potter turned 20 this week! To celebrate we watched the sorting hat scene before being sorted into Hogwarts Houses. We then researched our house and created a new house badge.


On Monday a rounders team headed to Dame Alice Owens school to take part in a Y5 & Y6 rounders tournament. We won three of our four matches and had a great time. We would like to thank Mr Dugan for organizing the event.

Dancing Workshop

On Wednesday the whole school took part in folk dancing, maypole and morris dancing, which was great fun. We learnt about the history behind many of the dances and costumes and shared our dances with the rest of the school.

Home learning

Children will be bringing their PSHE books home with them and have been given a creative task to complete over the next three weeks. Please read the brief that is stuck inside the book for details.


In English we have created blackout poems and in maths we have completed probability and problem solving activities. We have also been practicing for the Mass on the 12th, which is fast approaching. Next Tuesday Y5 are heading to Nicholas Breakspear School for a taster day – please see the letter that has been sent home this evening.


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19th – 25th June

It has been a week full of team work, resilience and creative learning in Y5.


In maths the children have been revising different topics using performance poetry and graffiti. We have also been practising our problem solving and justifying skills – using multi step word problems.










Garden Party 

In preparation for the garden party we discussed, planned and created our 2000s themed garden.

The 2000s saw the growth of the Internet, which allowed faster communication among people around the world. It is remembered for the Harry Potter series being released, the start of a new millennium and Doctor Who returning to our screens.

The London Eye on the South Bank of the River Thames in London was laden with fireworks on the eve of the Millennium – which millions of people enjoyed. Our garden is a recreation of the South Bank – complete with Millennium Wheel.







On Wednesday we visited Tolmers scout camp in cuffley, where we took part in many different physical challenges including conquering the high ropes, racing go karts, battling gladiator style and navigating inflatable obstacles. It was also great to explore the woodland and help each other overcome their fears.

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Well done and good luck Y6

It was wonderful to watch the Y6 dress rehearsal on Monday afternoon – what a talented class! We hope you have a great time at Kingswood.

Enjoy your weekend

Miss Pringle



10th June

Welcome back to the second half of the summer term!

We have had a busy week starting our new unit on Persuasive Texts in English and Reasoning in Maths.  The children have also looked at how writers can stimulate emotions in others in the way their words are conveyed in a piece of text.

We looked at ‘The Piano’ by Alan Gibbons which stimulated much discussion.  The outcome from the election was discussed in class and watching Newsround enabled to understand what a hung parliament is.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Potters Bar Carnival!



Friday 25th May


This week in Year 5 has been another busy one.

Our main focus has been ‘Spirituality Week’ and during this week, we met with our Year 1 Prayer Buddies to share our prayers to start off this special week.

On Wednesday, we had a prayer session in the Hall led by the Year 6 children.  The prayer stations were really lovely and we enjoyed the conversation and thoughts that came from them.

We tie dyed our t-shirts and saw them dry today!  They have come home with your child tonight.  Please return them to school after half term.

Twenty children from Year 5 took part at the Oakmere Mini-Marathon today and they ran with such energy!  Well done Year 5.  As you are probably aware, William came in 2nd place overall and 2nd place for the boys whilst Ellie took 1st for the girls.  Congratulations to them on such fantastic results.

Homework for the half-term is a science based project.

Wishing you a wonderful half-term.

From Mrs Moccia and Mrs McNamara

Oakmere Champions

Oakmere Champions

Image result for prayer quote for community

'Be Still and know I am with you."

‘Be Still and know I am with you.”

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Our 50 Years Mosaic

May 19th

This week was another busy one!

We looked at how to read line graphs and how to tabulate data.  In RE we looked at incarnation and the Resurrection and what they mean to us.  On Wednesday, we had a Mayan Day, taking part in a number of activities to help us learn more about the Mayan people.

We had the opportunity over the week to work with David on our school mosaic and many of the children visited him to watch him work during the break time and lunchtimes. Nathan, Gloria and Madeline were chosen to be part of the discussion group who met with David on Monday morning to decide on the design of the mosaic.

Homework has been set.  If there are any questions, do not hesitate to ask!

Miss  Camp

Friday 12th May

Friday 12th May

May Procession

May Procession

May Procession 

Another busy week of learning!  We did a lot of active Maths this week whilst exploring and learning about the topic of measurement.  We created number games and visited all the classes around the school to trial out our games with the children from Reception to Year 4.  It was lovely to watch the preparation involved in designing these games and see the children interact with the younger pupils.  Well done Year 5!

Any queries with the home learning, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Have a lovely weekend.

Ms Camp

Maths Games


Le Gros Netball Tournament

On Wednesday, our Year 5 and 6 netballers took part in the Le Gros Netball Tournament at Mount Grace School. There were 16 teams in total from schools across Potters Bar, and both teams represented the school brilliantly. Here are the tournament reports from both A and B team.

A Team report – by Ruby, Louise & Amelia

On Wednesday, the Netball A team participated in Mount Grace’s ‘Le Gros’ tournament. We firstly played Ladbrook A and drew 2-2. Our next match was against Cuffley A. They were a tricky team to play yet we won 3-2. Stormont were the next team who played us. Unfortunately, we lost 9-5, even with all our hard work. Then, we went on to play Little Heath B and won 5-1. Our defense was excellent in this match. Our final match was against Brookmans Park B and we won 5-0. We were very happy with our scores and were delighted to get to the semi-finals. The semis were hard and we were up against Stormont again. Sadly, we lost 9-4. Well played by our A team.

B Team report – by Ellie & Maddie

On Wednesday, we played at the Le Gros tounarment at at Mount Grace School. The B team’s first match was against Little Heath A team. Our next match was against Ponsbourne A team. Later on, we scored a few goals but finally they won. Our second last match was against Wroxham A team. We were down one player half way, as Elle had injured her leg, but we still played well. Finally we played Ladbrooke B team and luckily Ellie got back up and played. We worked hard but unfortunately didn’t get into the semi-finals.


Friday 5th May

This week has been a busy one even though we have had a bank holiday and polling day!

The children have been continuing their work on instructional writing, learning about fronted adverbials as part of their grammar work.  In RE we have discovered more about the story of the resurrection through Matthew’s gospel. Our topic work on the Maya people is going well as we learnt about the Mayan Gods.

Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Camp


Planting Seeds

coordinates homework sheet 1

This week we have been working hard in our learning.  I have enjoyed finding out about the children and their classroom routines.  We started a new unit of work in English based on instructional writing and the use of ‘bossy verbs’.  We had a cooking lesson which the children enjoyed!  Our tomato plants are growing everyday. Watch this space for photographs!

In Maths we have been doing work on coordinates, finding out about the first and second quadrants.  Our homework this weekend is based upon this area of our learning.

Click below for the homework sheets:

Sheet 1:  coordinates homework sheet 1

Extension Sheet:  Coordinates Sheet

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend.


Miss Camp