Autumn 2 Week 3

This week was Anti Bullying Week. We read the story The Ugly Duckling and spoke about how the ducks behaved. We thought about how the Ugly duckling was just different to the other ducks, he was not ugly. The children took turns to hot seat the Ugly Duckling and answer questions about how he was feeling when he was left out and then how he felt when he turned into a swan. The children did some wonderful pictures with speech bubbles to show how the duckling was feeling.

Then we thought about bullying and what it meant. The children learnt that bullying is when something happens over and over, not just a friend being unkind once. The children made posters to persuade people to be kind and not to bully. Then we thought about what we would do if we we were being bullied. The children drew around their hands and wrote the names of people they would talk to. The children thought about how they were different to their friends and made love hearts with a message about their differences. We talked about how we should not be unkind to someone because of the colour of their skin, hair or what they were wearing.

On our Art table the children made wonderful collages of ducks and swans. Then we learnt about the life cycle of a chicken. The children cut and sequenced pictures and made their own nests using natural materials. As we were learning about things that fly, the children made different things that fly using different materials.

In our outdoor shed, the children have been playing in the shop. They have been writing shopping lists and receipts.

In Maths, we continued comparing weighs of objects and explaining when something was heavier, lighter or the same. In Ten Ten, we listened to the last part of the Creation story and drew pictures and made a dance to show what God has created.

In Phonics the children have been revising the letter formation of the Phase 2 sounds, reading and writing words. It is wonderful to see how children’s letter formation is improving. Thank you for supporting your children with this.

This week we have been busy learning songs for our nativity and practising reading and acting. If your child has lines to learn, please support them with learning them and saying them loudly.  I have sent home a letter to explain what your child will need to wear. Please send these in by Friday 24th November.

On Monday 27th November, we will be learning about Advent. The children should wear something purple. The rest of their clothes can be school uniform.

Have a great week!


Mrs Carey

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