Friday, 3rd November 2023

Although the weather wasn’t the best, the children had a lovely, active week back after Half term. In Maths, the class moved onto mental strategies for addition and subtraction and learnt about ‘Think 10/100/1000’ and ‘equal sum’ as two new useful methods to add 3 and 4 digit numbers.

In English, we started our new narrative unit based on Robert Swindells’ wonderful book, titled Ice Palace. The children have shown great interest towards the story so far and enjoyed listening to the often scary and mysterious details of Starjik’s land. This week, the class spent time revising their understanding of figurative language and explored personification, similes and metaphors as ways to improve their descriptions.

In RE, the children wrote letters to a friend to explain to them the actions, symbols and words associated with the final Sacrament of Initiation: Confirmation. They made links with Pentecost when the Disciples received the Holy Spirit and watched video clips to understand the Liturgy.

We attended the All Saint Mass on Wednesday, where the children sang beautifully and their reverence created a deeply prayerful atmosphere.

In Science, we also started a new unit on Sound. The children went outside to investigate the effect of distance on the quality of sound. They used percussion instruments and measured their distance from the source using meter sticks to later allocate a score to the volume of the sound.

In PE, we started Gymnastics, revising our knowledge on point and patch balances and innovative ways of travelling.

In 2 weeks time, the class in going to investigate pitch, frequency and volume as part of their Science learning. In order to do that, they will make instruments in class using junk modelling materials. Please, if you can, support us with this by sending in: clean empty crisp tubes (Pringles crisps, etc), paper tubes from paper towels, thinner cardboard pieces (Some Amazon packaging uses them), empty tissue boxes, small clean glass jars, paper straws, small plastic tubs with lids, beads, pipe cleaners. Any support with this is greatly appreciated.

Have a lovely, dry weekend,

Ms Varga

Home Learning Due back on Tuesday, 7th November 2023
Spelling Words with the suffix ‘-ation’

Please log onto EdShed and practice this week’s spelling words.


Please log onto ReadTheory and complete 2 activities. ALternatively download the attached comprehension tasks.

Liam the park keeper- text


Liam the park keeper-questions

Liam the park keeper- answers


Use any of these links to practice your mixed facts.

Study Ladder

Please log into your Study Ladder account and complete the assigned English activities in your pod all centered around similes and metaphors. Although they are labelled as Y5/6 activities, they are very much relevant to us.


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