Friday, 26th November 2021

The children in Year 4 had a really busy week. In Maths, they have moved on to formal written methods for addition and subtraction, whilst in English, they further consolidated their understanding of speech punctuation and learnt about the use of prepositions. Next week, they are going to plan and later write their first big story based on the lovely artwork they completed as their Home Learning, describing their ‘Place Between’.

In Science, they learnt about what sound is and how it travels through different media to reach the ear. They carried out several practical enquiries like talking through balloons or listening to the sound of tuning forks as well as putting them in water or using them with table tennis balls to make vibration visible. The children really enjoyed these investigations and created some excellent diagrams about their observations.

In D&T, the class moved on to their third prototype, the ‘moving dragon’. They are getting better each time at measuring accurately, making design decisions or evaluating and changing their mechanisms. Can’t wait for their final project.

In RE, they looked at Luke’s Nativity in depth and written fact files about it, whilst in karate they moved on to punches. In History they started looking at the reasons behind the Roman invasion of Britain using iPads for research.

The children also wrote their Advent promises and displayed them in the hall during a special Advent assembly, beyond receiving parts for the upcoming Ks2 Advent Service. We will be walking down to the church next week to practice our part as well as going through our new hymns. So far, beautiful singing therefore I am sure the service will be wonderful.

Have a lovely and safe weekend,

Ms Varga

Your Home Learning this week :

Spelling Please log onto Spelling Frame and spend some time practicing this week’s spelling words before you test yourself on them.

Spelling Rule 9 – Words with endings sounding like /ʒə/ or /tʃə/ (e.g. adventure, creature… etc.)

Multiplication Please log onto Maths Chase and spend some time practicing your mixed multiplication facts.

Reading Please carry on reading over the weekend, and make sure you update your log with relevant details about the books you are reading. Please be prepared to present your reading records on Wednesday.
Advent Service Please practice reading your lines over the weekend, thinking about expression and pace. Also start learning your lyrics for the new hymns as we will have separate hymn practices as well.
Science Just a reminder that you still have approximately 2 weeks to complete your musical instruments for your Science lesson. Thank you for those of you, who already brought them in.
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