Autumn 2 Week 2

This week we have been learning about Remembrance Day. We have been learning about how we remember the soldiers who died in the war. The children have been making poppies using different materials including paint with sponges, playdough, collage and fingerprint painting. The children drew and wrote about a special memory they have.  Using the sounds that they have learnt, the children wrote beautiful prayers to ask God to stop people fighting and to look after the soldiers. After assembly, the children went on a pilgrimage around the school with their reading partners to look at the beautiful displays for Remembrance. During November, we think about all the people who have died. Thank you to the people who sent in photos of loved ones who have died.

In Maths, we have been measuring capacity using a range of different resources. The children enjoyed filling containers to show full and half full and comparing what containers can hold more and less. Then we learnt about weight, first we estimated which item was heavier, lighter or if it would balance and then we measured it using a balancing scale. We have been encouraging the children to use the words heavier, lighter and equal.


In Phonics this week, we have been revising the Phase 2 sounds that we have learnt this term and using them to write words and sentences. Please continue to practise saying and writing these sounds at home. The children have been using magnetic letters to make words and writing words and sentences about pictures. It has been wonderful to hear the children using their phonics to help them to read.

In our Ten Ten lesson, we continued to learn about the Creation Story. We made up a dance for the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky and the animals in the land. Then the children drew pictures of some of the things God created.

Over the next few weeks the children will be practising for our Christmas Nativity. If your child has been given some words to learn, please support them with this.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Mrs Carey

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  1. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    Sounds like a really wonderful week. Michael has really enjoyed learning all about Remembrance and has been so eager to show us everything he’s brought home from school


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