Week 6

We have had a busy and fun week in Reception. Our topic this week was People Who Help Us. We talked about all of the people who help us at school, at home and in the community.

On Tuesday, we had a visit from fire fighters! The children were excited when they saw the fire engine on our playground. Every child got to spray the big fire hose and sit in the fire engine. The firefighters explained what the children should  do if they ever saw a fire and asked them to check at home for their smoke alarm. Harry’s mum visited to tell the children about her job as a nurse. The children enjoyed trying on the gloves, aprons and listening to all the important jobs that nurses do. On Wednesday, we had a bus driver with their bus visit. The children all had a turn of sitting at the wheel and opening the doors using the buttons. They were delighted to sit upstairs on the bus too! Please click for the photos – Photos

Each day, the children have been acting as vets and doctors in our role play areas and using their writing skills to write down details and prescriptions. They have also enjoyed dressing up as police and firefighters and using different equipment to put out their pretend fires. It has been wonderful to witness the children’s  imagination and the development in their vocabulary. Then the children thought about what they wanted to be when they grow up. They want to be police officers, builders, chefs and many more professions.

In Maths, we have been learning about one less. The children have been demonstrating their understanding by playing musical chairs, singing songs and playing games. We have been learning that 1 less is taking away 1 and the number gets smaller when we take away.

On Friday, the children went to their first assembly. I was very proud of the way they sat beautifully and joined in with the prayer and some of the singing.

The Year 2 children demonstrated how we set up an altar and explained each of the items. We are learning about the church and what is inside. The children made their own altars and churches  using bricks and blocks.

This week we have learnt the sounds, ck, e, u and r. Please practise saying and writing these sounds at home. We have also been practising reading some tricky words. I, a, the, to, no and go.

Finally, we read with our Year 6 reading partners! The children have already developed wonderful relationships with their partners.

Next week is One World Week. The country we are focusing on is Cyprus because we have lots of children from Cyprus in Reception. If you would like to share your knowledge about Cyprus or any traditions you have, please let us know.

Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Carey and the Early Years Team

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