Friday, 13th October 2023

The children in Year 4 this week continued their learning of rounding whole numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000, identifying key benchmark numbers along the way and later applying their understanding in missing number problems.

In English, the children edited their final narratives for punctuation and sentence structure before writing them up in the neatest. Next week, we are moving on to a short poetry appreciation unit.

In RE, the class identified the symbols, actions and words associated with the Sacrament of Baptism and explained their meaning whilst in Art, they experimented with lines and patterns using colourful art tapes, creating some very effective pieces.

In Computing, they gained understanding about the services provided by the Internet, including the World Wide Web, file management and emailing. They also investigated how a website is different from a webpage and completed practical activities to understand how routers work.

In PE, we played 5 a side basketball games, practicing dodging, shielding and passing skills.

Thank you for all the parents who joined us for our class Mass this Wednesday. The children created a truly prayerful, reverent atmosphere with their beautiful reading and singing. Well done Year 4!

A few important information:

Tuesday, 17th and Thursday 19th- parent consultation evenings

Thursday 19th- class trip- please check you gave consent and that you have ordered school packed lunch if needed

All week next week- One World Week with a focus on Colombia


Home Learning Due back on Tuesday, 17th October 2023
Spelling Words with the prefix ‘inter-‘ meaning ‘between’ or ‘among’

Please log into your account and practice this week’s spelling words.


Please log into your account and complete 2 activities, alternatively download the attached comprehension sheets:

The Hurricane Tree-text

The Hurricane Tree-questions

The Hurricane Tree-answers


Use these links to practice your mixed multiplication facts

One World Week As a preparation for One World Week, please research the flag of a country/ countries your family has connections to. We are lucky in Year 4 to have such a beautifully diverse heritage. From Albania to the Ukraine, Ghana to Italy or Ireland and Scotland to Spain and Colombia; children proudly explained where their families are from. Once researched, please create a not larger than A4 poster of the flag to be displayed in class. You can use a variety of media such as pencil, paint, felt tip, fabric, foil, etc. Please be ready to present your flags by Tuesday. If possible, write your name on the FRONT of the flag so we know who the flag represents.