Summer 2 Week 2

This week was Healthy Eating Week. Each day, we tasted different flavoured water to encourage us to drink more and stay hydrated. The children made posters to tell others about the importance of drinking. The most popular flavour water in Year 3 was mint and the overall school favourite was strawberry. On Monday, for Design and Technology, the children made their healthy sandwiches. It was great to see children adapting their plans to use wholemeal or brown bread and adding extra salads to make their sandwiches healthy. They then evaluated their sandwiches, thinking about what went well and what they would change next time. Thank you to all the children who sent in different fruits and to the Year 6 children who  helped to cut all of the fruit. The children enjoyed trying new fruits! The next food group we learnt about was protein and how we can vary the protein we eat. We also learnt about fibre and why it is important and identified food that contain fibre. Then we learnt about foods waste, the children have taken home a survey about food waste, please complete this and send it back.

In Maths, the children have been learning about tenths and how we record tenths as a decimal. The children were given the challenge of making a stick man, a tenth of me. The discussion between partners were great and they worked well to make a stickman of the correct height. Then the children lined up 10 stickmen to see if it was the same height as me and they were!

In English, the children have been using the skills they have learnt over the past few weeks to write adventure stories. I have enjoyed reading each one! They have captured the element of excitement in their stories and all of the stories make you want you to read on. They have included fronted adverbials, conjunctions, prepositions, similes and metaphors.

On Wednesday, Year 3 lead the class mass to celebrate their FIrst Holy Communion. The children sang and responded beautiful and their behaviour was excellent. Well done to the readers and the children who did the offertory procession. It was lovely to see some many of you there.

Home Learning

Spelling Edshed – difficult, important, length, perhaps, position, pressure, question, strange, special, purpose


Maths Practise 8 times tables.


Science Read the letter attached and complete the template by Monday 19th June Home Learning

Complete the food waste worksheet and the healthy eating booklet.



Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Carey

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