Summer 1 Week 4

On Tuesday, the children were fantastic during our May Procession. The children walked in silence and were reverent when placing their flowers around Mary.

This week, we read the book The Naughty Bus. The children made buses using boxes and we made a big bus outside by painting it red and adding wheels. The children had a great time driving or travelling on the bus and talking about where they were going. The children have been writing about places they would go to on a bus. They made road signs to add to our playground to tell people how to stay safe when travelling on a road. The children have been driving cars with numicon pieces on and matching them to the right house or parking space.

In Maths, we have been subtracting. The children have learnt that subtracting is taking away. They have demonstrated their understanding using buttons on a shirt, counters and jumping backwards on a number line. We have been singing lots of songs where we find one less.

In Religion, we listened to the story of the Ascension and the children acted the story out. We thought about how the disciples felt and showed different expressions on our face to show our feelings. The children drew Jesus and connected him to clouds to show him going back to heaven.


Please remember water bottles and sunhats.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Mrs Carey and The Early Years Team

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