Spring 2 Week 1

Welcome back! We hope you had a wonderful half term This week we have been reading the story Farmer Duck. The children have been predicting what happened to the farmer next. They have been planting vegetables outside and playing in the farm shop. The children took on the role of the farmer or the duck and the other children asked them questions. We have made farms using boxes. The children have been learning about what a farmer does and what we get from some farm animals.


In Maths, we have been learning doubles to 10. The children have been playing games with dice to find doubles, sorting dominoes into doubles and not doubles and making doubles using a range of resources. The children made butterflies and ladybirds to show doubles. Then they wrote number sentences to show how we record a double. Can you practise doubling at home?


On Tuesday, we had a Reconciliation Service where we thought about the things we have done wrong and asked God to forgive us. We talked  about how imporatant it is to say sorry and to forgive others.

In Religion, we have been learning about Lent. We talked about how Lent was represented with the colour purple and we had lots of purple around the class and in our outdoor area. We thought about the three practices of Lent. Give, Pray and Fast. The children went on a hunt around the classroom and outdoors to find signs of these practices. They found items for the food bank and clothes and shoes for the charity shop to represent giving. We found chocolate and cakes to represent fasting and the children found candles, prayer books and rosary beads to represent praying. Then the children made a prayer area outside to encourage us to pray more during Lent.


In our phonics lessons, we have been revising the digraphs we have learnt this term. Please practise using their phonics books because we will be moving onto some new sounds next week.

This week was the start of Fairtrade Fornight. We learnt about why we should buy Fairtrade products. The children made lunchboxes with fairtrade items in and painted the Fairtrade sign. Can you find a Fairtrade item when shopping this weekend?

In Ten Ten, we learnt about how Jesus is our role model and we should be good role models for the people around us. The children made name cards and decorated them to show that we are all followers of Jesus and he loves us.


Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Carey and the Early Years Team

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