Learning Aids for week beginning 24th April (24th April to 28th April)

Monday:       Focus: Geometry           Log onto Mathletics

Tuesday   :  Time     


Starter:   Time 1     Time 2          Time 3

Main Activity:  Log onto Mathletics


Plenary:  Time Games   1        2            4

Wednesday   Focus: Measurement

Starter:  Measurement 1        Measurement 2           Measurement 3 

Main Activity:    Log onto Mathletics to complete the tasks on Volume and Capacity

Plenary  click here

Thursday       Focus:  Decimals, Fractions and Percentages 

Starter:  Fraction 1     Fraction 2

Fraction 3   

Main Activity:  Log onto Mathletics and complete the activities set

Plenary Click here

Friday             Focus:  Decimals, Fractions and Percentages     Log onto Mathletics



Algebra      Ratio and Proportion

Reading Papers    4    5

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