Friday, 15th September 2023

The children in Year 4 this week looked at Place value as part of their Maths learning, focusing on representation. They played strategic games to create 4 digit numbers and reason about their game using specific mathematical vocabulary.

In English, the class worked on writing an effective advertisement in M&S style to promote the often gruesome dishes prepared by Mr Spider from our class book, The Spider and the Fly. The children had great fun with this activity and we ended up with some very persuasive pieces.

In Science, we looked at the basic parts and function of the human digestive system and used ziplock bags to model the stomach. The children made great observations and enjoyed taking a look ‘inside out’.

In RE, the class broke into smaller Liturgy groups and the children planned Liturgical prayers using our ‘Gather, Listen, Respond and Go Forth’ structure, which they are going to present to the rest of the groups on Friday mornings.

In PE, we looked at  dodging as our first skill in our Invasion Games unit and practiced that skill through different ball games, such as rugby, basketball and football.

In Computing, we demonstrated our understanding of how computing networks work by acting as switches, passing messages between machines.

Thank you for those of you who came for our Meet and Greet session on Tuesday. If you couldn’t make it, please find the PPT and handouts under our class blog page along with our Curriculum overview for the year.

I hope you have a nice weekend,

Ms Varga

Please see Home Learning below:

Home Learning Due back on Tuesday, 19th September 2023
Spelling Words with the suffix ‘-ation’

Please log into your Ed Shed account and practice your assigned words.


Please log into your new ReadTheory account and complete your assessment task. Once your ‘level’ is identified, complete 2 tasks.

Alternatively, please see the attached documents which you can print out:

The Parsnips- text

The Parsnips-questions

The Parsnips-Answers


Please use the link to spend 15-20 minutes practicing your mixed multiplication facts.

Study Ladder

Please log onto your Study Ladder account and complete your tasks in your assigned pod. Although, the site labels them as Year 2 activities, please be reassured that they are appropriate for our current learning focusing on understanding place value of 4 digit numbers.


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