Week 2

I am sure you will have tired children this weekend after their first full week in school! The children have been a delight to have in the class and are all settling in extremely well.

This week we have been thinking about our families. We read the story Owl Babies  by Martin Waddell. This beautiful story is about three babies owls who wake up and their mummy is not there. Just like this children in Reception, leaving their families to come to school, this can be difficult for some. Throughout the week, the children have been making story maps, drawing their families and acting out the story. The children have been drawing, colouring and making collages using different materials. They have also been making owls using playdough.


Each child painted a self-portrait, first we looked at our skin colour in the mirror, then we chose the correct colour paint and we looked closely at the colour of our eyes and lips. This year is the Year of Diversity. We are looking at how we are all different and unique.


We have also been learning to make the sign of the cross , please practise at home.

Next week we will start our phonics learning. The children will be given a phonics book with the new sound each day from Monday to Thursday. Please complete the activity, practise the rhyme and practise writing the new letter. Over the weekends, practise all of the sounds learnt that week.  The children must bring their book into school each next day so we can stick the new sound in.

I have sent home a lunch menu. Next week is Week 3 on the menu. You can order the children’s lunches on school comms, this would be helpful because the children find it difficult to choose or please talk about what they would like before they come to school. If you child is not eating enough lunch, I will let you know.

We have very little socks if the children get wet or dirty, if you have any spare socks at home, please send them in.

Please send in a family photograph if you have not already.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Carey and The Early Years Team

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  1. Nicola
    Nicola says:

    Thank you for the information in this week’s blog, it’s also lovely to see all of the children’s wonderful self portraits. Well done reception team.

  2. Carla Butterworth
    Carla Butterworth says:

    How lovely ! Amelia is so excited to go to school each morning, and her confidence is growing so much ! Everyday she comes home telling us something new !
    Thank you !

  3. Marianne
    Marianne says:

    Thank you Mrs Carey for the lovely pictures and update for the week! It’s so nice to hear about what the children have been up to. Zachariah has shown me how he does his cross, and is very pleased with himself. It’s so lovely to hear that they’ve been getting on so well. Wishing you a lovely weekend!

  4. Kim
    Kim says:

    These pictures are lovely thank you f it sharing with us .
    It’s been so lovely looking at these with Harry and listening to him telling us his new friends names .
    A real positive start to reception thank you x


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