Friday, 15th May, 2020

Good morning Year 4!

Well, we have seen such a wonderful array of birthday cakes this week – I hope that Fabian, Alice and Darcie-Louise still have some birthday cake left to nibble on today!  Your parents have clearly ensured that they have found creative ways so that you have had a fabulous day during this time.  Judging by your early morning photos, it seems as if you have had special breakfasts that include seeing your cake!  Lucky you!

It has been wonderful to hear that you had fun with your science experiment this week – make sure that you keep daily observations on what is happening!  Lots of you are working hard on developing your understanding of decimals, improving your handwriting and lots more.  Joseph has also shared his lovely altar.

Keep posting – it is lovely to see all that is going on at home and how hard you are all working.  Experimenting, competing, celebrating, practising your handwriting, mastering work on decimals…well done!


Have a great day of learning today!

Click here for yesterday’s answers.

Click here for today’s learning.

Resources that you need for today’s learning:

computing and music

Science Observations UPDATED   Click here

Olympic ChallengeOlympic Challenge       English Writing Challenge


Maths: Activity 1 here and Video 1    Click here for the answers

Activity 2 Click here   Video 2      Click here for the answers





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