Bawdsey Manor Day 4 and 5

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We hope you enjoyed seeing the many photos that were taken during the activities the children got up to.  On Thursday the children experienced the Giant Swing, Fencing, Abseiling and Archery.

The Giant Swing was the ultimate test of nerve and joint decision-making. Two children at a time were harnessed into the swing, while other members of the group hauled them up to 10 metres into the air!  The children I would say now are ready for the Tug of War competition!  The abseiling tower was a backward descent from the top of a 12 metre tower, suspended by a rope certainly gave some of our children an adrenalin rush! This activity encourages individual courage and determination but it’s also a great way to bring young people together as they support and encourage each other.

Archery took place on an outdoor ranges and each group were encouraged safety awareness from the outset as they were taught the basics. The activity required accuracy, control, concentration and a steady hand and all of the class ensured that they gave that on their go.

Fencing  involved good eye-to-hand coordination, fast footwork, lightning reflexes and even quicker decision-making.  Dressed in all the safety gear, the children learnt the basics of challenging many opponents in the session and they enjoyed chanting touche which acknowledged a hit!

On Thursday evening, the children took part in an interactive Cluedo session around the site visiting all the suspects before finding out who was the culprit.  Once a unanimous decision was made, the culprit was revealed and received a bucket of water!

On Friday, after either archery or a problem solving activity, we took our packed lunches and went on a coastal walk.  We had lunch by the sea and the children had some free time to explore the beach before we all headed back to our coach driver who was ready to take us home.

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  1. Catherine Roberts
    Catherine Roberts says:

    Thank you so much for keeping us informed and for taking good care of our children. The photos were great and clearly showed the fun everyone was having. Thank you for making PGL so happy and memorable for them.


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