Year 6 Week Beginning 25/9/23

It has been another very busy week in Year 6.

The week started with great excitement and anticipation, as on Monday, the children finally found out which leadership role they had been awarded!

Some of the  children have already been put to work in their new roles- The Laudato Si’ group have met and prepared something for the St Vincent mass on Sunday, the sports leaders have had a meeting with Ms Pringle and the new St Vincent captains, Grey and Lucy, have prepared and led a whole school assembly about the life of St Vincent. The class were all presented with their leadership badges during assembly on Thursday which they are wearing with pride!

In Science, the children continued to explore the question:

Is there a relationship between the type of exercise that you do and the number of heart beats per minute (bpm)?

They organised the equipment that they need and had lots of fun carrying out the test that they had planned the week before.

Today, Year 6 finally got to meet their Reception reading partners. The sun was shining and so the children spent time getting to know one another outside. Year 6 spent some time beforehand reminiscing about the time spent with their own learning partners when they were in Reception themselves and understand that this is is a very special relationship that will continue to build as the weeks progress.

For home learning this week, please write a letter to your reading partner, welcoming them to Pope Paul and telling them all about yourself. These letters will be given to the reception children next Friday.

Please also log on to Mathletics and Spelling Shed for additional home learning. The problems with Spelling Shed have been rectified.

For those of you who are going, I will see you at the St Vincent mass on Sunday. If not, have a lovely weekend!

Ms Pemberton

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