Year 6 Week Beginning 20.11.23

On Monday, 12 members of Year 6 had the most wonderful time at London’s Royal Albert Hall, performing alongside the world famous Royal Symphony Orchestra!

Although the day was long, the children still managed to have some fun in the park when they took a break from rehearsals. As day met night, the lights illuminated the Royal Albert Hall and the surrounding buildings and monuments, giving off a sense of excitement and magic. When the time came to perform, the children wowed the huge audience with their voices, making their teachers and parent very proud. It was an experience that no one will forget!

In Art, the children finished their propaganda art piece based on the work of artist Sheperd Fairey. This art piece required the children to use and further develop collage, intricate cutting and painting skills. During this unit, the children were introduced to the idea that artists can use their skills, vision and creativity to speak on behalf of communities, changing the world for the better.

Year 6 have expressed their own message to the world through creating their own individual art pieces.

As the Advent service draws ever nearer, your home learning this week is to continue to learn the words to the Mexican song- Los Posadas. Please use the video to ensure that you get the pronunciation correct. Please also rehearse your lines for the service, speaking clearly, slowly and loudly!

Los Pasadas

Information about the song:

In Mexico over 9 evenings until Christmas Eve, a group of singers called “peregrinos (pilgrims)” reenact Mary and Joseph’s search for room in an inn. They go to different homes, and the “posaderos (innkeepers)” sing call and response with the carolers. After singing all verses, the peregrinos enter the home, where they all  sing together.

Lyrics – Spanish

(Mexican folk carol)

En el nombre del cielo os pido posada,
pues no puede andar mi esposa amada.

Aquí no es mesón sigan adelante,
yo no puedo abrir, no sea algún tunante.

No seas inhumano, tenos caridad,
que el Dios de los cielos te lo premiará.

Ya se pueden ir y no molestar
porque si me enfado los voy a apalear.  (Christina solo)

Mi esposa es María, es Reina del Cielo,
y madre va a ser del Divino Verbo.

¿Eres tu José? ¿Tu esposa es María?
Entren, peregrinos, no los conocía.

Dios pague señores vuestra caridad,
y que os colme el cielo de felicidad.

Dichosa la casa que abriga este día
a la Virgen Pura la hermosa María.

Entren santos peregrinos, peregrinos, reciban este rincón
no de esta pobre morada sino de mi corazón.

Have a lovely weekend,

Ms Pemberton