Week 6

A busy week in Year 1! The children enjoyed sharing their apple questions and research with the class.

In PE, we continued learning the rules of cricket, the children have developed their fielding and batting skills.

This week we have focused on reading skills in English. We read the book Supertato Books Are Rubbish and the children had to answer questions by retrieving information, sequencing and predicting. Jack kindly bought in different Supertato books for us to read. In Art, we continued developing our printing skills using vegetables to print our own superheroes.

In Maths, we have been solving problems including addition. We thought of how we can prove our answers by explaining our methods.

In Religion, the children acted out and retold the story of Pentecost. Then they made flames for our class display.

On Friday, we looked at programming in Computing. We made up our own instructions to make lego models and we gave instructions to the Bee-bots to move to different places.

Home Learning


Reading – Read your favourite book and then make a poster about the book. Can you describe the characters, setting and say why you like it? Draw a picture of your favourite part.

Science – We are making a nature table. Go for a walk and see if you can find some if the following items: rocks, stones, fossils, bones, pine cones, feathers, leaves, twigs or petals. Bring them in on Monday.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Carey

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