Friday, 21st May 2021

Year 4 has had yet another busy week, focused around our last big narrative before the half term. The children watched video clips of famous baddies, like Cruella de Vil and practiced how to show their character through actions and speech. They all ‘designed’ their evil villain and also spent time planning and drawing pictures of the valuable jewellery that our Super Spies will have to retrieve.  They are thoroughly enjoying this story and had some brilliant ideas for their writing that they will start on Monday.

In Maths, we were inspired by Ellsworth Kelly, an American modernist painter, and created beautiful fraction pictures that are now on display around the school. By completing this work, the children also extended their learning towards decimal fractions and percentages! Well done!

On Wednesday, Year 4 and Year 5 took part in a Well being Zoom session titled Laughology where they though about the power of joy and positivity.

The children have also carried on their learning on cool and warm colours and created beautiful pictures using a variety of media to show the effect of these colours on the viewers. These will also be displayed around the school. In Science, they used circuits to investigate conductors and insulators, whilst during PE they learnt how to hit a volley and played rallies in house teams. In computing, they built on their Scratch project and moved onto the next module of their RCE topic with Mrs McNamara.

Have a lovely (lockdown -eased) weekend 😊!

Ms Varga and Mrs McNamara

Please see below your Home Learning:

Due by Tuesday, 25th May 2021
Spelling Please log onto Spelling frame and practice this week’s commonly used words then test yourself.—i-to-ma-

Reading Please log onto Read Theory and complete 2 activities. Please also update your Reading Logs. This week 5 children received book awards for their regular comments. Well done!


Maths Please log onto Study Ladder and complete the assigned tasks. They are a consolidation of the learning we did in class: calculating fractions of numbers and quantities. If you need a reminder, please start with the tutorial then complete the 2 set of questions. You might need a piece of paper or a white board to jot down your calculations.

English As said before, the children are going to write their narrative pieces next week. Please prepare the following resources for yourself to help you in class:

  1. Come up with an engaging title for the story:

For example, The Tiara Mission or Treasure of the Fair Ground, etc.

2. Use a thesaurus to come up with similes for: run, walk, say.

For example: dash, stumble, whisper. Please find at least 3 different words for each. You will need those on Monday for our first 3 paragraphs.

3. Create an illustration to go with your story and to help you visualise your ideas. It can be a story strip or a cartoon. Fold an A4 piece of paper in half on the long end at then fold it in half twice more. By doing that, you will end up with 8 squares to sequence your story.

Peter and Polly receive their mission in front of the Japanese Embassy.

The Twins arrive to the Fair Ground

Polly and Peter look for the villain and spot him/her somewhere.

The siblings try to get to the villain using a gadget.

Peter and Polly retrieve the treasure.

They get back to the entrance of the Fair Ground somehow.

They deliver the Jewellery to London HQ.

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