Thursday, 8th October 2020

Dear Year 4,

Thank you for being so flexible and patient in these challenging times. I hope you are all well! Please remember to contact us via our Year 4 email if you want to share any of your learning or if you just want to send us a message.

Please see below today’s learning:

Spelling Click here for your dictation.

Listen to the sentences and practice using our previous spelling words.

Reading Please log onto Study Ladder and complete Time Travel Reading activity.

English Today and tomorrow, I would like you to draft a paragraph of our narrative.

Use the planning sheet to collect words/ phrases and ideas for your writing. Then look at my model paragraph to guide you.

Remember less is sometimes more. Make sure you apply our previous learning on conjunctions and adverbs for description.

Click here for the planning sheet and model paragraph.

Maths Moving on in our learning, I would like you to look at adding and subtracting ones, tens, hundreds and thousands. Please use the link bellow to watch a teaching video, then complete the activities on the attached sheet.

Click here for the sheet.

Wider Curriculum In our Geography Topic , we have looked at the features of Megacities. We looked at both human and physical geography of cities such as:

Tokyo, New York, Delhi, Mumbai, Karachi, Dhaka and Beijing.

Today, your task is to use Secondary Sources to research one of these megacities.

Create a report using non-fiction genre features such as bullet points, headings, subheadings, maps, keys, pictures, labels and captions.

Include information on the location of the city, the size and population of this city. . You may want to report on the most important buildings/sites/attractions in or near this city. Other ideas for you to research are finding details on physical geography (mountains, rivers, etc.,) weather, languages used, currency, main religion. and finding out about this city’s import and export goods.

Try and draw conclusions as to why would so many people choose to live in this particular city. What features are there to support mass living?

Use Computing tools if possible; a Popplet, a PowerPoint presentation, a Word document.

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