Summer 2 Week 5 w.b. 03.07.2023


This week we learned about Nelson Mandela and the dream he had for the world. We discussed all the things that he did and accomplished and also the sacrifices he made for what he believed in. The children were very interested in learning all about him. We also went out and watered our seeds, the children were delighted to see how much they have grown.


In Maths we have continued to look at the names and properties of 2-D and 3-D shapes. Working in groups the children were asked to complete a puzzle of 2-D shapes and then moved on to exploring the properties of 3-D shapes before comparing them.



This week we have continued with our learning on bats and our focus has been using questions in place of headings. The children worked in pairs to think about what questions they could ask using the words why, how, what, when and where as their sentence starters.


Some examples of questions were –

Why do bats hang upside-down?

How to bats hunt?

What do bats eat?



We started our topic of flora and fauna and this week the children chose their favourite piece of art to make a study in their sketchbook.  They looked closely at line, mark making and colour. Here are just a few examples of the talented artists we have in our class!


Home Learning

Handwriting sheet

Mathletics – please complete activities set.

Nelson Mandela poster – draw a picture, add a title and write some interesting facts about Nelson Mandela. Due on Wednesday.

Reminder – swimming is now finished for the year so there is no need to bring swimming bags in on Wednesday.


Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Poyiadzis