Spring 2 Week 3

This week has been full of Science!

On Monday, we planned an investigation to see if  the tallest people in our class were the fastest runners. In groups, we organised ourselves in to height order then measured ourselves. After this, we made predictions about who we thought would be the fastest and why.

Later in the week, we raced each other and checked our predictions and height order. We found that although some tall people won their races, it wasn’t always the case.  Some shorter people in our class were very fast and powerful, which helped them run faster than some taller people.

On Tuesday we were visited by Mrs Holly, who is a Scientist at GSK. Mrs Holly, Mr Holly and Mrs Harrington, lead different science experiments with us, which were all a lot of fun. Thank you all for helping us learn about dissolving, forces, chemical reactions and diffusion.

First, we poured water onto skittles, and as the water touched the sugar coating on the skittles, their colour and sugar started to dissolve.

Next, we pushed the pencil through the plastic bag full of water, the force of the pencil closed the hole in the bag and the water did not leak until we added a second pencil!

Then, we poured oil, water, food colouring and Alka-Seltzer into a cup. The oil and water didn’t mix but created different layers. The Alka-Seltzer made tiny gas bubbles that turned green with the food colouring and then the liquid bubbled over the top of the cup!

Later, we predicted and tested, which items would float and which would sink.

Lastly, we used coloured pens to draw on to kitchen towel. Then we put the kitchen towel in to water and watched the colours diffuse (spread out) through the water.

On Thursday, we were had an exciting trip to Dame Alice Owen School, where Mr Friedlander,  taught us about Chromatography. This is a technique used to separate a mixture into its different parts, based on the chemical properties of each component. In this experiment, we tested different pens, then used our detective skills to match a particular pen to a ‘crime!’

We have also learnt about Tanesha Allen, a zoologist based in Oxford, who studies badgers. We have enjoyed learning about her job and how she helps teach others about animals.

Home learning


Please read daily and complete the comprehension booklet sent home today.


Take a Science Selfie! Can you complete a science experiment at home and take a selfie of you and your family? Below are some websites with some ideas. Please bring in a photo to your class teacher.



Have a lovely weekend

Miss Pringle


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