Year 1: Spring Term- Week 3

What a wonderful week of leaning we have had in Year One! This week was Science week and as a school we all had an investigation to undertake! Our question to investigate  was ‘Does taller mean faster?’

The children made their own predictions and talked about the various ways they could answer this question. As a class, we made our predictions and then planned how we could work out who the tallest children in our class were.  Year one decided  that it would be sensible to measure each child in the class and record our results. The children brainstormed ideas on how to measure each other and it was decided it would be best to use a metre stick, as rulers and measuring tapes were deemed too small to measure the height of the children.

The children worked in groups to measure each other’s heights and record their results in a chart. Next, we would need to race each other to see if the tallest children were the fastest! In PE, we raced individually to record our fastest speed and then raced each of the fastest children against each other. After this, the children were able to compare and discuss their results and noted lots of comparisons. Due to the results, Year one concluded that tallest, was in fact not the fastest.


On Tuesday, we were very fortunate to have a parent scientist join us in leading a morning of fun experiments. These experiments ranged from making rainbows with skittles, floating and sinking and investigating mixing liquids in water with other materials. eg oil/ food colouring and Alka- Seltzer to see what happened to them! We would like to say a big thank you to Dr Holly for organising this marvellous experience for everyone.


On Monday, we had our first workshop from the Hertsmere Mental Support team. In this first session, the children learned about Emotions and expressing their feelings. They talked about the range of emotions they know about including happy, sad, angry, scared and how these may show in our actions. Over the next few weeks, the children will be learning how to express their emotions and will develop a ‘backpack of skills’ to help them with this.

On Thursday morning, we had an online Road Safety talk. The children learnt some very important lessons about what they could wear to make sure they’re easily spotted when walking. They also learnt some rules about crossing the road.

On Thursday morning we also took a walk to Dame Alice Owens school. When we arrived we were greeted by the Science teacher, Mr Friedlander who took us to their Science lab. The children were very impressed with the lab and even more impressed by the height of the stools! We did an investigation to find out who had drawn a picture of him and all the children were very engaged in trying to work out who the suspect was. Thank you to Bethany’s mum, Freddie’s dad and Anna-Maria’s mum for walking with us.

Well done to Harvey, Amelia and Joshua for finding Fairtrade items!

Home Learning – due Friday
Take a Science Selfie! Can you complete a science experiment at home and take a selfie of you and your family? Below are some websites with some ideas. Please bring in a photo to your class teacher.

Mathletics – please complete the activities set.

Handwriting sheet – practice letters sent home. You do not need to send this back as they are also practised daily in school.

Spellings – please practice the spellings with your child for a spelling test next Friday. This also does not need to be sent back.

Reading – 5/10 minutes daily.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Poyiadzis & Mrs Barnes

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