Reception Week Beginning 10.7.23

It has been another very busy week in Reception!

The children have been having lots of extra transition sessions with their new teachers, to prepare them for their move into Year One in September.  As a result, the class now seem really excited and less anxious about the changes ahead of them.

The main learning focus for this week has centred around the themes of friendship, teamwork and solidarity, which are all found in the well loved story, ‘Room on the Broom’, by Julia Donaldson.

The children loved acting out the story using props that they found in the dressing up box. They also made their own magic wands and wrote activation spells to make them work.

Reception also designed and made their own super broomsticks suitable for themselves and their friends to share. They created their own horrible beasts and made dragons and character puppets, which they used to retell the story.

This afternoon, after the class had met up with their Year 6 reading partners, they all settled down to watch the BBC adaptation of the story- perfect for a rainy Friday afternoon! This short film can be found following the link here:

Wishing you all a lovely weekend- hold on to your brooms and wands children, it’s forecast to be a windy one!

The Reception Team

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