Monday 23rd March 2020 learning

Good Morning Y3,

Here is today’s learning;



Copy these 10 words four times into your handwriting books. Remember to use the guidelines and use my example to check the correct letter formation.


misspell      misprint


mislead       misuse


mistreat    misheard


mistrust      misheard


misread      misbehave



Please go to and complete three activities of your choice based on the picture prompt today.


Read for 10 minutes and record what you have read in your reading record.


In your writing book please write the full date and this WALT investigate key vocabulary.



Copy this into your book and write a definition for the vocabulary in bold, illustrate if you wish to.

Key vocabulary

Push, pull, speed up, slow down, change shape, change direction, movement, friction, magnets, surface, repel, attract, force and gravity.




Please get out in the garden and play for 20 minutes when possible or log in for free to  or complete this Joe Wicks children’s workout



Please put the short date into your maths book along with the title Fluency 


Here are your 6 fluency questions to copy and complete – remember to put one digit in one square. 








Once you have completed these tasks please go to one of the following sites and practice your timetables.

Multiplication Tables Check – Mathsframe

This activity exactly mirrors the ‘Multiplication Tables Check’ that will be given to children at the end of Year 4. They are tested on their multiplication tables up to 12 x 12.