Monday 23rd March 2020

Good morning Year 2,

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and that you were all able to safely enjoy some of the glorious sunshine.

In the table below you will find today’s learning activities. Please record your learning in the workbooks that you were provided with. I look forward to hearing from you all and finding out how you are getting on. You can keep in contact by posting comments to the Year 2 Blog or by sending me an email at

Have a great day!

Miss Davey

Subject Activity




Lenten Prayer for Monday 23rd March 2020

Lord, may the tears of those who suffer be wiped from their eyes by the compassion and love of their neighbours and friends.

May I, through my Lenten prayer and actions, support work towards a better world for all.


Our Lady and Saint Vincent Church

10am Mass

You can access the live streaming via the parish website .


















Copy this week’s spellings into your handwriting book:











Continue to read daily and discuss what you have read.

You can access plenty of wonderful books via the Oxford Owl website:



Use the Class Login area.




Morning Challenge
Fluency 5 x 2

30 + 20 + 50 =

74 – 9 =

18 – 8 =

3 + 30 + 3 =

_ + 8 = 20

Half of 100 =

Make 30p 5 different ways

99 + 10 =

54 – 20 =

70, 75, ___, 85, ____, ____, ____,

WALT: Find half of an amount.

Fair Feast

Here is a picnic that Ruth and Martha are going to share equally.

Work out what each of them will have.

Record your answers using a table or with pictures.

one apple, pizza split into four pieces, eight tomatoes, four muffins,two cartons of orange juice
Extension Challenge:

What if you had to share the picnic between 4 people?

English Monday 23rd March 2020

WALT: Write descriptive sentences

resource image

Delicious. That was simply delicious. She very rarely came across a strawberry, but whenever she did she always made the most of it. Chewing through the sweet, juicy flesh, she savoured every mouthful.

Now, though, she was full, and slowly eased herself (shell and all) out of the hole she had made in the side of the strawberry. It was time to explore another part of the garden…

Continue the story of the snail. Try to describe everything she might come across during her sloooooow journey! Use plenty of adjectives in your sentences.








Create a title page for our new topic… Plants.
Include drawings and the following key vocabulary: seeds, bulbs, water, light, temperature, growth, germination, soil, nutrients. Native plants: grass, clover, daisy, buttercup, dandelion, holly, daffodil, tulip. Plants we grow: lettuce, tomato, radish, bean and pumpkin.

You all received an envelope containing a plastic bag and 3 Runner Beans. Place the beans inside the plastic bag and add some water. Attach this bag to a sunny window and observe how the beans sprout and grow over the coming days. This process is called germination.

Start a bean diary in your sketch books. Sketch the changes you observe everyday. Take pictures and email them to me and let me know how it grows….


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