Monday, 18th May, 2020

Good Morning Year 4!

We hope that you have had a wonderful weekend. As always, we love to see what you have been doing.

This week is a very special week. It is our Spirituality week! We have lots of lovely activities for you to do each day, which will make our week a little different and enjoyable. The Year 6 House Captains and Liturgy Leaders have worked hard to assist with this, so we send them a special thank you too.

Our Science experiment progressed very well since Friday. Make sure you see the pictures of our eggs and what happened to them, by looking at the PowerPoint. You can complete your science table in your books when you are ready. Don’t forget to let us know how your experiment went, if you did it yourselves!

It is also Week 5, which means that on Friday it will be half term! So, one more week of hard work, and you can have a whole week of well-deserved rest!

We want you to share your learning with us and tell us what special things you have been doing at home on your own or with your family.  Keep posting!

A reminder: you can keep in contact with us by sending an email to:

Continue to try your best in doing your learning each day. Remember, read through each activity for today’s learning and keep your handwriting neatly presented as you complete each task.

Let’s see what some of you got up to on Friday:

Space Beeping (1)  William G explored the music app – listen to his space composition

Many of you enjoyed listening to Peter and the Wolf.  Here is a link to a you tube clip of Peter and the Wolf where you will recognise many of the people on it. Have a LOOK!

Here’s some of Fabian’s observations:

Click here for today’s learning

You need this information today to help you:

Spelling Sheet Aid Week 5

Poetry Links – Click below and choose a poem to read/listen to/learn by heart!

Poetry Links

Science PowerPoint

Spirituality Week  Click on the link on our blog to take you to Monday’s Spirituality


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