Friday 26th January 2024

In English, we read to the end of our class text to find out what became of the finger eater after Gudrun put her plan into place. The children wrote letters in role, imagining that they had come into contact with the troll in his new toothless state.

In Maths we have been looking at building arrays to develop or times table knowledge and this week our focus has been on the 3 times tables.  Click here to listen to the song that is helping us to do so!

In Science, we improved our understanding of the rock cycle through sweets. By chopping them to make sediment and then putting them under various pressures and heats, we were able to see how each rock is formed.

The children made some wonderful freezeframes in RE, where they showed the events of Exodus when Moses and his brother gave instructions.


In Computing we have continued with our programming work using Scratch and have started to learn about how to start a program in different ways and create a sequence of connected commands.

Have a wonderful weekend

Mrs Lines and Mrs McNamara

Home Learning


Spellings on spelling shed

Big Bird Watch   worksheet

Big Schools’ Birdwatch is back for 2024!  Please help us join thousands of other schools to find out which birds visit your garden. Together, we can make it count. The sheet to assist you recognise the bird is attached.  Happy Bird Watching!!


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