Year 6 Week Beginning 27.11.23

It has been a very busy week in Year 6, with preparations for the upcoming Advent service well underway. The children have done really well to learn the lines to both the songs and their readings, and are now really looking forward to performing in their last ever Advent service on Wednesday evening.

In Maths this week, the children have been simplifying and ordering fractions. They have also been reasoning about fractions and changing fractions to find common denominators.

In Science, the children have continued learning about light. This week, they learnt about how light is reflected. They set up experiments to explore incident and reflected rays, and had fun changing the direction of light, with the use of torch light, sunlight and mirrors!

In English, Year 6 finally finished the final copies of their Windrush Child diary entries; they are looking forward to starting their new film inspired narrative topic, next week.

Well done to Samarth, Hannah, Amber, Lena, Christina and Panayiotis, who led the school so well in a special Advent assembly earlier today; this included the whole school presenting their Advent promises and the children carefully displaying them on their behalf.

Home learning is as follows:

  • Continue to practise your lines for the Advent service
  • Fractions- Mathletics
  • General grammar consolidation/ revision-
  • Spelling Shed
  • Daily reading

Have a wonderful weekend,

Ms Pemberton