Year 6 – 29/03/18

What a busy final fortnight of the term! Last week was Computing Week, during which we enjoyed an e-Safety workshop and a coding workshop. Thank you Ms Davey for organising these.

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The children had their final two football sessions and on Tuesday played a class tournament where they applied all the skills that they had acquired over the previous four weeks. Well done to The Gunners on your victory!

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In maths this week, the class have been focusing on multiplying and dividing fractions, which they then applied to some challenging contextual problems.

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In English, Y6 have spent the week revising SPaG features. On Monday, they worked in teams to write a paragraph and label it to show which features they had used. On Tuesday, they became the teachers and in pairs marked a SPaG paper ridden with errors. This generated some impressive discussion and it transpired that the children are harsh markers! On Wednesday, they made learning posters to highlight and clarify all the misconceptions that came to the surface the previous day.

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Well done Y6 for your consistent hard work this term; it has certainly flown by since Christmas! Have a good rest over the holidays and come back fully refreshed for the final push before SATs!

Home Learning

Today you received two booklets to be completed over the Easter holidays: 10-4-10 Maths and 10-4-10 SPaG. Please spend 10 minutes each day – Monday to Friday – working through each of these. Spend another couple of minutes each day marking the questions (answer files below) and use your CGP revision books to go over topics that you are finding more challenging. I will also be keeping an eye on Read Theory and Prodigy Maths and awarding Dojo points!

10-4-10 Maths Expected Level – Questions

10-4-10 Maths Expected Level – Answers

10-4-10 Maths Above Expected Level – Questions

10-4-10 Maths Expected Level – Answers

10-4-10 SPaG Expected Level – Questions

10-4-10 SPaG Expected Level – Answers


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