Year 6 – 11/12/20

Everybody has been in the festive spirit this week! On Wednesday, Year 6 represented our school beautifully by singing carols at church through the live streaming. It was a really fun afternoon and they were a credit to the school. This afternoon, they shared their singing talent once more by performing in the school car park to parents. Next Monday, they will also be singing outside Seabrook Court.

This morning, the children were excited to meet Father Christmas and receive a gift from him in the beautifully festive grotto!

Here is your home learning:

Maths Task assigned on Mathletics:

·         Multiplying a decimal by a whole number

RE You are going to research how Christians around the world celebrate Christmas. Choose a country, then research the following:


·         Are gifts given? When? By Whom?

·         Which special foods are eaten? Do certain foods hold any symbolism?

·         What season of the year is it? What will the weather be like?

·         Do Christians from around the world go to Church on Christmas Day?

·         What rituals will be part of the liturgy for Christmas Day?

·         Is there a Father Christmas?

·         Customs regarding decorations – trees, cards, wreaths

·         How to say Merry Christmas in the local language


Your research is going to help you with your RE lesson on Tuesday, so please bring it in ready for then.

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