Year 5- 9/2/2018

Our final week of term was incredibly busy and I think we are all ready for a well-earned rest!

On Tuesday, the children took part in their penultimate football coaching session. They continued to build on their skills and used them to work together.
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Also on Tuesday, it was Safer Internet Day. The children thought about ‘online influence’ and how they are affected by it. Year 5 then thought about what they could do to build a safer internet.
On Wednesday, we visited a synagogue. Along with year 6, we listened to interesting information about the Jewish place of worship. The children showed genuine interest and behaved very respectfully. Our guide commented on what wonderful questions they asked.
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In English, we have been busily writing our own chapters that end with suspense. The children have worked so hard to use interesting vocabulary and incorporated the skills we have been learning.
In maths, we have been focusing on fractions. We used lego and cuisinere to complete investigations demonstrating the relationship between part and whole.
To complete our learning on animal life cycles, we learnt about mammals. Children researched one of the 3 different mammal types and then taught each other about their cycles. After half term, we will focus on plant life cycles.
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I wish you all a wonderful and restful half term,
Mrs Lines
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  1. Sophia Deed
    Sophia Deed says:

    I whish everyone a very happy holiday and I can’t wait to get back to school in a week. I loved learning about the Jewish religion.


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