Reception- Week 19

What a busy week! On Tuesday we participated in ‘Safer Internet Day’ with the rest of the school. The children thought about ways that they can be kind to others, both offline and online. They listened to a story called ‘The Three Monsters’, where the monsters were sad because someone had said very unkind things about their picture online. They also learnt about different emojis and how they can be used in a positive way. The class then shared their own pictures with each other and had others comment on them, by saying something positive.


To celebrate ‘Other Faiths Week’, Reception visited St John’s Methodist Church on Thursday. There we met the church warden Peter, who showed us around and taught us about different parts of his faith.

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Today, Reception finally performed their class assembly to their families and to the rest of the school. It was all about the theme ‘Love’ and the story of St Valentine. We were all very proud of their fantastic performance!

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Well done children!

Wishing you all a very happy and safe break,

The Reception Team

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  1. Thea Komodromou
    Thea Komodromou says:

    The assembly was was so lovely! Very proud of them all – they were all amazing! Well done teachers!

    Panayiotis was so excited for us to come and see him 🙂

    He also enjoyed his trip to St John’s Methodist Church – a great way to teach them about the different faiths.

  2. Thea Komodromou
    Thea Komodromou says:

    The reception assembly was so lovely! The children were all amazing- well done teachers for all the hard work. Panayiotis was so excited for us to come and watch the assembly! 🙂

    He was also very excited about his trip to St John’s Methodist church – such a rest way to reach them about the different parts of faith.


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