Week 6: February 14th

This has been another busy week!

On Tuesday the class visited the Watford Central Mosque and the Imam shared information about the mosque, traditions and the Muslim faith.  The children showed great respect in this place of worship and back in class wrote about what they had learnt on The Qur’an and the Five Pillars.

The Lady’s prayer room       Washing Room


The Muslims pray five times a day at these times depending on sunrise and sunset

The Imam showed the children the Qur’an

On Wednesday the class in swimming continued to develop their skills and practised jumping into the water and swimming to the end of the lane!

On Thursday afternoon, the children led a drumming concert to the rest of the school with Caz who has been teaching them composition and performance skills on the djembe drums.  The children looked confident in their performance and showed how much they had learnt from their lessons with Caz since September.

For E-Safety Day, the children discussed the importance of being SMART when accessing the internet and watched an educational video that taught them the importance of staying safe on the internet.

Please click on the link if you would like to see what they discussed and watched.



The disco was enjoyed by all and we even got to join in with some of the moves!

In English the children were publishing their final narratives on Leon and these have been added to their writing portfolios.

This afternoon, the children had another fun session with Coach Duggan and worked in teams using the outdoor environment in their investigative work.


Home Learning is a whole school project on designing information on tin to link with our whole school writing project on The Tin Forest.

Have a lovely half term!

Ms Dunning and Mrs McNamara