Year 6 – 14/02/20

For the final week of the half term, we celebrated Other Faiths Week, where we looked this time at the Islamic faith. The class learnt about the Five Pillars of Islam, and on Thursday visited the Watford Mosque, where along with Year 5 they had the opportunity to hear from the Imam about prayer rituals and the importance of the Five Pillars. The children’s behaviour was impeccable, for which they earned an extra playtime. Thank you to Axcel and Mrs Darling for accompanying the classes.


In D&T, the children have learnt different stitches which they can choose to use for their felt phone cover. They learnt how to do running stitch, backstitch and overcast stitch.

In English, the children wrote non-chronological reports for their mythical creatures, and did paintings to illustrate their writing. They have used fantastic language and I can’t wait to compile all of their beautiful work into a book.

In maths, our topic has been Area, and so we have been doing lots of reasoning and problem solving for finding the area of composite shapes, triangles and parallelograms.

Home learning for the half term:

Spellings (from Year 5 & 6 Statutory Spelling List):












We need your help!

The class gardens this year are going to be designed to encourage  biodiversity in the area. Year 6 are lucky enough to be making a garden for butterflies, and so it would be fantastic to receive any donations to include in our garden. Butterflies enjoy bluebells, marigolds, buttercups, hyacinth, clover, garden mint, knapweed, thistles, blackberry bushes, heather, lavender, Bowles’ Mauve wallflower, marjoram and willowherbs.

Thank you in advance.

I wish you all an enjoyable half term.

Miss Donatantonio