Week 11

We have had a fun week of learning! In Maths we have been ordering the days of the week and the months of the year. We have enjoyed singing songs to help us to remember them. Please continue to practise at home.


In English we have been adding the suffixes ed and ing to words and writing sentences. We had fun playing bingo with the new words we had made and matching pairs.

On Monday, we were excited to see a table set up for a feast. We retold the story of the Last Supper through role play. We had bread and juice and thought about how Jesus and his disciples felt. Then we sequenced the photos of our role play and retold the story. We also did some lovely artwork to show the story of the Last Supper.


On Wednesday, Mr Friedlander from Dame Alice Owen did some scientific investigations with us. First we investigated how boats float. We started with a ball of plasticine and tested whether or not it floated. Then we reshaped the plasticine into the shape of a boat. Then we tested our new boats and they floated! We also mixed water with sugar and food colouring to make a rainbow in a bottle. The children observed very closely and describe what happened using scientific vocabulary.

Homework—Mathletics: Days of the Week and Months of the Year.

Spelling—ue and ew sounds


Have a wonderful weekend.


Happy Mother’s Day!


Mrs Carey