Wednesday, 6th May, 2020

Good Morning Year 4!

Again, it has been lovely to hear from you and see what you have been up to.  Thank you for keeping in touch. Before you settle down into doing today’s work, don’t forget to look at the answers for the tasks you completed yesterday and if you did not complete the challenge for the RE task, take a look at the comparison between the Gospel’s of Matthew and Luke’s accounts of the resurrection. The differences are very interesting! As today is Wednesday, the Wednesday Word is now available online. Click here. 

We hope that you enjoy today’s work that has been set, including the science task today! See below details of things that you will need for next week’s activity. ep in contact with us by sending an email to:

Let’s see what you have been up to:

Megan enjoyed doing the body percussion activity and wanted to share this with you:

Fabian is sharing more of his culinary successes: a birthday cake that was made for his dad and pizza making with his sister!


Nabira and her family are celebrating Ramadam and she has been fasting too.

William and Lola enjoyed the time work for French today.

Lola has been working hard on her contraption and art work.  She thought of two contratptions: one is a hot air balloon that helps carry your water bottle up to you if you sleep in a bunk bed saving you having to get out of bed and the second idea is a spinning wheel t hat helps decide on what chores you have to do for the day!!  I think that we could all do with these!

Keep posting everyone!

Click here for the answers from yesterday’s learning.  Maths Learning 1 and2 (support)

Click here for today’s learning.  Click here  for the Wednesday Word.

Here are some resources to assist you in your English activity on writing a postcard:

Word Mat – VE day          Fact cards – VE Day

Click  here to try Day 3’s Olympic Challenge!

Maths Learning for today:

Video 1    Divide 1 or 2 digit numbers by 100.  Click here for the worksheet.  Click here for the answers.

Video 2   Support: Tenths on a number line   Click here  for the worksheet.  Click here for the answers.






A Reminder for next week:

Next week, in our Science task, our task will be focusing on an EXPERIMENT! The experiment is about how eggshells react to different liquids.  We will be putting eggs in different liquids to see what will happen. The material that eggshells are made from is a little bit like our teeth, so it will be interesting to see what will happen! If you would like to do the experiment yourselves, you will need to be prepared. You may have these things at home or you may want to get them so that you can do the experiment.

You will need 3 eggs (you can use more), 3 liquids. Vinegar would be ideal and any 2 other liquids of your choice such as Coca-Cola, lemon juice, orange juice, milk and water. If you cannot do the experiment, don’t worry. We will be posting pictures daily, to help you keep a record of what happens over time.