Thursday 7th May Learning

Good morning Year 1. Thank you for the photos of your fantastic learning this week. I hope you had fun planning a party. Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs Carey

Here is your learning today.

PE Olympic Challenge




2, 4, 6, _____10, 12

5, 10, 15, ____, 25, 30

90, 80, 70, 60, ____, 40, ____

19, 18, ____16, 15, ____

Watch the video on capacity and volume then do the activity sheet. Write your answers in your maths book or on the sheet.


Thursday Maths

Mathletics activities set


Imagine you were a soldier in the war. Write a letter to your family telling them about

what is happening and how you are feeling.

SPAG activities set

Religion May is the month of the rosary. Can you make your own rosary beads? You could make a decade of 10 beads.

Use any materials you have at home or you could draw one and colour it. Here are some examples.



Letters and Sounds lesson at 10.30am for Year 1 – Today’s sound is ue


If your child would like to revise the Phase 3 sounds – 10.00am

 Reading Read for 10 minutes. Write two sentences in your reading record about the book.
Music  Listen to

Answer the questions on the sheet attached.

Listening and appreciating – VE Day

Art Be a fashion designer. Design an outfit for the Queen to wear on VE Day.

Choose outfits for your family to wear. Blue, white and red clothes.

VE Day Party

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