Thursday, 30th April, 2020

Good Morning Year 4!

Let’s see what you have been posting for the class blog:

William P and Lola have been busy cooking…..I’m starting to feel hungry!


Fabian is preparing to cook a cake at the weekend….I’m looking forward to seeing a picture of it!

Sami Z and Ellie have been doing the origami challenge…the animals look so life like!

Freddie, Fabian, William, Sami Z and Lola have been busy writing their poems.




It is always so lovely to receive your emails and read about how you are getting on with the work.

Thank you to the children who have already sent in their photos for the May Procession.  Please email them to our class email by Friday 1st May (that’s tomorrow!).

Click here for the answers to yesterday’s learning.

The Maths Learning is not attached to the daily sheet.  Look below for the Maths.  Click on the links for the video and worksheet.

Have a lovely day.

Remember, if you have time, try one of the activities that have been attached below the Maths Work.

Click here for today’s learning


WALT: recognise tenths and hundredths

Watch  video 1  below.

Complete the worksheet attached.

Click here for the worksheet


If you would like to go over the work on tenths watch video 2 and complete the worksheet.

WALT: count in tenths.

Click here for the worksheet.


Maths work for today:

Video 1


If you have forgotten your work on tenths, watch this video clip below and complete the worksheet that has been attached in the table above.

Video 2:


Things for you to try at home if you have time : Have a look!

Get Creative!    Click here for ideas!

Do!                             Click here for ideas!

Investigate!   Click here for ideas!


We’d love to see all the great learning the children are doing at home.

A way to share this with the class is to take a photo of your child’s work and email it to us!