Summer 2 Week 1

Our first week back was certainly a scorcher! I hope you all enjoyed the lovely weather over the half term.

In maths this week, we have been learning about angles. We have been identifying, acute, obtuse, reflex, right and straight angles and ordering them. Year 5 used this knowledge to make some wonderful angle pictures.

In English, we have begun our new unit on Greek mythology. Our text is ‘The Adventures of Odysseus’. So far we have seen him triumph in the Trojan War, escape Polyphemus the cyclops and meet Circe. Next week we will design our own beasts and environments for Odysseus to encounter.

On Wednesday, we took part in cricket with Coach Tom. The children worked on their batting and fielding skills in a range of games.

Have a wonderful weekend

Mrs Lines


Home Learning:


Spelling (Week two)

History: Research a God or Goddess. Draw them and write a profile. Include information about who they are, who they are related to, what are they the God/Goddess of. Also tell me about any stories they are involved in.



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