Spring 1 week 6 w.b 12.2.24

It has been a very busy last week of term for the children in Year one! We finished our English unit on Poetry with the children writing their own squirrel poems.

In Maths, the children continued practising writing numbers to twenty and representing these in different ways.

In Science, the children were super excited to learn about changing materials through heat and cold. We looked at the properties of water and wax and how we could change their state of appearance through heating and cooling them. The children were introduced to the terms solids and liquids and we discussed other materials we knew that could be changed in a similar way. The children observed  melting wax  with a tealight and took part in freezing water into ice. There was lots of laughter when the children held the ice they had made and used words to describe how the ice felt in their hands!

On Tuesday we celebrated Mardi Gras and enjoyed sharing Pancakes with maple syrup together. The children found out about the History of  Shrove Tuesday and how it is the traditional feast day before the start of Lent on Ash Wednesday.

On Wednesday the children took part in the Ash Wednesday Service, representing the beginning of Lent. The children showed great respect and maturity during the service, they listened and sang beautifully and showed a great sense of pride when receiving their ashes. Well done Year 1, it was an absolute pleasure sharing that special time with you.

As part of our Seasons learning this week, we made the most of the dry weather and went outside to use our creative skills to complete some tree rubbings. We also used our maths skills to complete a number matching activity and we used our knowledge about February to have a go at a word search. We also took the time to plant some bulbs that the children are very eager to see bloom!

Home learning

We have sent home your children’s lines for them to learn for our assembly on Friday 1st March. Please practice these with them so they can learn them by heart. Thank you.

Phonics, tricky words and HFW

After parent consultations this week some parents requested copies of some or all of the sounds above. You will find a copy of all of these in your child’s blue folder. Please practice all of the sounds with them as and when you can, feel free to make it as fun and informal as you feel necessary. This is simply consolidating their learning to date and is a way of refreshing their memories on the sounds they already know.

Thank you for taking the time to come along to the consultations this week, it was lovely speaking with you all.

We wish you all a wonderful week with your families. See you on Monday 26th February.

Mrs Poyiadzis & Mrs Barnes