Spring 1 week 2 w.b. 15.01.24

It’s been another very busy week in Year 1!

In English the children have been looking at Winter Poetry and created some lovely poems of their own. They have read, rehearsed and responded to poems and also used appropriate vocabulary to describe Winter. They have made list words to describe details and assembled information correctly to create their independent writing.

In Art the children have continued their work on watercolour with a particular focus on the work of Paul Klee and Emma Burleigh. The children discussed the work of these artists looking at the colour, detail, line,  and shape that were used and then went on to create their own interpretation of the work.

In PE this term we will be taking part in Dance lessons. Our Dance unit  this term is called  ‘Animals’  and we began this unit with the children by making a mind map of the different movements of animals and how we can perform actions to represent the different types of animals we know.  We listened to a variety of Animal sounds and talked about how various animals move according to their bodies eg. snake/slithering, bird/flapping wings  etc.. The children were very enthusiastic in demonstrating to the class their own ideas and actions  We have started putting together a Dance to perform to the song ‘I’m the King of The Swingers’ from the Jungle book.  We will be adding to our sequences of actions as the weeks progress.


In Science we completed our topic of Animals and Humans finishing with making class pictograms, We talked about our similarities and differences and made class Pictograms of eye colour and hair colour. We were surprised to discover that there were no children in our class who have green eyes! Brown hair and Brown eyes were the most common features found and we decided to test the hypothesis that if you have brown hair do you have brown eyes too? We proved this was incorrect as we discovered half the class with brown hair had brown eyes but the other half of the class with brown hair had blue eyes. Next week we will introduce our new Science unit Materials,

In RE we are learning about The Exodus. The story of The Exodus is known as an Epic story and we have been learning about what features help to make an Epic story! We talked about Superheroes we know and what superhero powers they are known to possess. We discussed what does it actually mean to be a hero and heroic events that can occur in real life.


Home Learning – due Friday.

Mathletics – please complete activities set.

Handwriting sheet – practice letters sent home. You do not need to send this back as they are also practised daily in school.

Spellings – please practice the spellings with your child for a spelling test next Friday. This also does not need to be sent back.

Reading – 5/10 minutes daily.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Poyiadzis and Mrs Barnes

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  1. Eve Hammond
    Eve Hammond says:

    What lovely activities, it looks like they are all having a great time being different animals! We’ve heard lots of descriptive words about winter on our travels this week too, the poem writing was definitely a highlight.


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