Spring 1 Week 1

Happy New Year! We hope you had a wonderful Christmas. The children were excited to tell us about their holidays.

This week we started learning the Phase 3 sounds. Please complete the home learning each evening to practise saying and writing the new sound. This week we learnt j, v, w and x. If you did not complete the home learning this week, please practise over the weekend. On your child’s reading day they were given a writing book. In this book the children can write about whatever they want. There are more details in the front of the book. Send this back on their reading day so they can share their writing with an adult.


It was the feast of the Epiphany on Sunday. This week the children listened to the story of the Three Kings visiting baby Jesus. The children made kings, painted pictures of the three kings, made stars and wrote about the story. On Friday we made star biscuits to remind us that the Three Kings followed a star.

To begin the new year, the children thought about what they wanted to do this year to help to build a better world. They wrote these on stars and decorated them beautifully to go on display in the classroom. Children are already showing their promises in class.

We listened to the story What’s the Time Mr Wolf? Then we talked about what we do each day and the order we do things in. The children sequenced pictures of some of the things we do. Next the children made a list of activities they do each day and what they do during the day and at night.

When it started to snow the children were very excited and filled some pots with snow. Then they left out different containers of water, hoping to find ice the next day! On Friday they thought about ways to keep warm so they built a campfire in the playground.

In Maths, we learnt about the number 0 and went on a hunt around our playground looking for things that showed 0. We found wheels with nothing in them, we compared two crates with some bricks and no bricks, some chairs with something on and nothing on.  Then we looked at subitising- seeing a number without counting. For example the dots on a dice. Then we learnt about different ways of representing numbers. We showed these using pegs, drawings and natural objects.

In our outdoor shed we have a hairdressers. The children had great fun acting out being a hairdresser or going to the hairdressers. They demonstrated great speaking and listening skills.

In our Ten Ten lesson we thought about what we liked, loved and disliked. We discussed how we all like and dislike different things from our friends but that is fine because we are all different but we are all special. The children drew what they liked and what they loved. Click on here to find out more about our Ten Ten topic as part of our RHE (Relationships and Health Education) Curriculum.  If you have any trouble with the attached document please right click your mouse/cursor and click on ‘save as’. Once downloaded click ‘keep’ and the document will show. 

Please send some tissues in as we need lots a this time of year.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Carey and The Early Years Team

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