KS1 Snow Day Activities

Good morning,

Here are some fun and educational activities that you and your children could carry out on your ‘Snow Day’, should you so wish.

  1. Numeracy: Build a snowman. This is a great opportunity for your child to work as a team and to use problem solving skills. Can you create more than one and order by height? Can you make a repeating pattern using pebbles on your snowman? Can you make a symmetrical snowflake?

  1. Science/ Reversible and Irreversible changes: Experiment with the science of snow. Put some snow in a few bowls and conduct your own melting test. Where does it melt the fastest – on a radiator, in the fridge, under the bed? How long does it take to melt in each location? Once it’s melted, what happens if your put it back outside or in the freezer?

  1. Art: Make some snowmen pictures. Use cotton wool and card, encouraging your child to cut and stick independently. Use food dye to create art on the snow (felt tips work too).

  1. English: Write a poem about the snow. It might be like this:-

Snow is ________________________________________________________________________

Snow is _______________________________________________________________________

It ________________________________________________________________________

Snow is ________________________________________________________________________

Snow is ________________________________________________________________________

It ________________________________________________________________________

Or an acrostic poem, like this:-





  1. Maths/P.E: Draw a chalk target on an outside wall, line up some snowballs and shoot to score. Award different points for hitting different areas and keep tally with a score chart making sure to count in twos, threes, fives or tens.

  1. Numeracy: Make cakes or biscuits. Encourage your child to read the scales when weighing out the ingredients.

  1. Art: Paper snowflakes are easy to make using only white paper and scissors. Cutting helps develop fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination.

Or draw a snow globe using this tutorial https://youtu.be/FeYJAGqmNs4

Other online learning:

CBeebies also have activities and learning games that your children will enjoy. http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies Enjoy a selection of numeracy and literacy games for KS1 children on www.ictgames.com/ resources.html.

Enjoy the snow and wrap up warm

Miss Pringle and Miss Lambie

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