Snow Day – Monday 12th December

Dear Year 6,

We can imagine the sight that has greeted you this morning….a blanket of snow for you to enjoy! Below are the activities that we would like for you to do today.  Remember, wrap up warm when you are out and enjoy this special day!!

Mrs McNamara and Mrs Lines


Activities for today:

Make a snowman and take a picture!

This week, we are going to be decorating our classroom so if you can, make snowflakes (or any Christmas decoration) to decorate the classroom.  Use the links below to help you get some ideas –  Click on the image.     

Maths work today is going over multiplying fractions (not snow themed I’m afraid!!)

Log onto times table rockstars and compete with others across the globe!

Starter:  Click here

Fractions: multiplying fractions by integers

Additional Challenge on Fractions:  Fractions in Context

English:  Use your Alma writing skills to create a description of your garden or local park. Remember to shampoo it!
S- simile
H- hyperbole
A- alliteration
M- metaphor
P- personification
O- onomatopoeia
O- oxymoron

Be ready to share your descriptions in class.

Science:  Science Investigation

Run a science investigation on snow- place a scoop of snow in different locations (e.g in the shade, in full sun (if there is any), inside your house/flat, in the shed) and observe which one melts first.

Snow news!! 

Watch Newsround to find out about the snow that has fallen last night and today.

Research how much snow has fallen across the globe…especially in the UK and record the data in a table.  We’ll combine your research as a class and draw a graph to show your findings.


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