Snow Day 12.12.22

Dear Reception,

I missed you all last week and I’m looking forward to catching up with you this week!

What a beautiful, snowy sight this morning! I hope you have lots of fun playing in it today.

Here are some some activities that you can do at home today:

Begin by listening to the story of The Snowman by Raymond Briggs (Parents, I always tell the children at the end, that the little boy made the snowman again, the next time it snowed!)

You can watch the animated version here:

After watching The Snowman, if it’s possible, go outside with you special adult and build your own snowman/ snowwoman or even a snow animal! Take pictures and upload them to Tapestry if you can. If it’s not possible to go outside, design your own snowman or collect a little snow on a baking tray and build a miniature one inside. Draw a picture of what your snowman looks like.

Discuss the big question-Does a snowman need clothing? Why? Why not?

If you could fly anywhere with your snowman, where would you go? Draw a picture and use your phonics to write some words to describe the place.

Paint your own snowy picture.

Make prints and trails in the snow outside, using different objects such as cars, dinosaurs, twigs, flowerpots, feet.

Have fun making a snow volcano. Click on the link to show you how.

Have fun making paintings in the snow using food colouring.

You will need a spray or squeezy bottle, some food colouring and some water.

Put a few drops of the food colouring in the bottle and fill it up with cold water.

Go outside and have fun painting the snow!

Just to stress, you are not expected to do all of these activities, they are just some ideas for you to choose from.

Have fun!

Ms Pemberton

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