Friday, 1st May, 2020

Good Morning Year 4!

We come to the end of another busy week of learning and from your emails you have all been working hard at your learning and developing your skills in many other different areas.  Well done!

Remember that we need your photo for our Virtual May Procession by 12 o’clock today.

Here are some of the lovely emails that you have sent:

Mia wanted to share a great milestone – she has had her hamster 🐹 Chip since Christmas and she finally managed to get him to play in her arms happily!  Mia has spoken about Chip in class…well done Mia!

Lottie has been busy baking, making some great shortbread biscuits that certainly stand out because of her unique decorating!

Fabian has been busy helping his mum make polish dumplings (pierogi) filled with meat and vegetables and making different styles with cheese and potatoes (called ruskie).


Darcie-Louise and Phoebe drew their own ‘wow’ images as part of their morning prayer.

Nicola worked hard on her decimal work:

Sandro, William, Fabian and Phoebe sent in images of their contraptions: Can you guess what their contraption does?

Yesterday I had a problem uploading William’s poem about his chosen animal but the problem has been resolved!  Click here to watch him perform it.



Have a great day of learning.

Click here for yesterday’s answers.   Maths Answers click here for Hundredths as decimals and click here for counting in tenths.

Click here for today’s learning.

Below are the links for your Maths learning:

Watch the video on Hundredths on a Place Value grid below and click here for the worksheet


Tenths as decimals (support)   Watch the video and complete the worksheet here



Have any of you tried: the Scratch tutorials?  the interactive map?  completed some cooking challenges?  explored the art activity on negative space?

If you wish to try any of the other activities, the links are on yesterday’s blog.