Autumn 1 Week 2

In English, we have begun our poetry unit. We thought about our vocabulary and it’s effect on the reader to create fearful landscapes and describe a prey’s  escape from its predator. In maths, we have continued to build on our place value knowledge to understand numbers up to one million. We have used this knowledge to reason and problem solve.

In computing, we have been learning how to use excel to calculate. The children were able to use the software to complete sums using all four operations, and could explain the formulas used. Well done, Year 5.

I have been particularly impressed with the children’s RE learning this week. They have shown great creativity in producing their own acts of worship. The first group ran theirs this week with great success. They led the class beautifully and all children behaved reverently. There will be a new group leading each week and I  sure they will all do a wonderful job.

We were very lucky to have a visitor this week. Deacon Axcel stopped by to tell us more about himself and answer their questions. We look forward to getting to know him better over the coming year.

Home learning this week is in mathletics and

Have wonderful weekend


Mrs Lines

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