Year 6 Leadership Day

Good morning children.

The focus this morning for you as a house team is to examine your house saint and find out these things about him/her:

Key Questions:

              Who was s/he and what did s/he do?

How can we learn from her/him in our leadership?

What qualities of Jesus does she/he display?

With this information, you will present your findings to the rest of the class ensuring that each team member plays a part in the presentation.  There are some web links below each house saint to aid you in your research.

St Bernadette

St Francis of Assisi

 St Louise de Marillac     

St Vincent de Paul


Links: Click on the picture of your house saint and you will be taken to a website for you to look at.

Also, click on the letters below to reveal another website to aid your search.

      B      C

Qualities of Jesus



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